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Meeting Death

Meeting Death, Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Sitting on the porch bench at noon, the eye,
In the sky closed. My world was in darkness.
Shocked was I that there was nothing awry,
All went about their everyday business.

How does one plan for a day like today?
In the stillness I could not think, confused
And without answers, with nothing to say.
I claim adulthood. I can’t be recused.

Life has been a life of impunity,
Challenges have been a simple repair,
Rewards have been great opportunity,
But now here I am engulfed with despair.

I gasped and gasped finally took a breath,
The only guarantee is meeting death.


My original thought of writing this poem was to give people courage when facing death of a love one. However, the more I thought about it and my true feelings sneaked out it became my own struggle with understanding death.
Is there beauty in death? There can be if you plan for it. Do not deny death. Meet it head on. Life is to be lived, so while alive live it. Relish every day. The beauty in death is looking back over your shoulder and smiling.


A Kiss for a Silhouette


A Kiss for a Silhouette, Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Here I squirm in desperate solitude,
Moving an empty blue cup like a pawn.
Events in my mind I try to occlude,
So bleak is my heart, sorry to be born.

Here at our table our lives were entwined,
Never to part until the end of time.
Imperfect I am, but foolishly blind,
Not obey the way of this heart of mine.

What contrition must be waged to undo,
The egregiously wrong that has been done,
For my saneness cannot take “We are through.”
Save me from this choking cocoon I’ve spun.

Across the table with lips parted I will,
Lean into the dark to find yours still.


From past experience I think I can speak for much of the male population.  We are not well prepared to handle the female psyche.  You must remember that Psyche, was a Greek goddess who ruled over the human soul. So when we offend we will surely pay for our transgressions.  Such is the case in this poem.  I have picked on the brown tones used by Ron Hicks  to make the point that all is not right here.  Whether she is there or not he is not going to connect with the electricity of her lips.  Soon I will return with another painting done by Ron Hicks where he paints a woman is a mega-watt power station and you will feel a different kind of beauty.  Saying that I must explain the beauty that I see here.  I see a deep investment in love, caring.  Whether we see the young lady as a mirage of his or actually there look at her posture.  It is not combative and yet not submissive.  I feel her hurt.  If she was angered her head would be erect. Yet she is not eager to accept his kiss as she is seated well into her comfort zone, sitting square on her seat.  The beauty I see here; he is seeking her forgiveness and that is an important part of being in love.

Across the Table


Across the Table,   Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

We met so often across the table,
Where eye enters eye without any depth.
Each with position extremely stable,
Then came that day I was caught without breath.

Your qualities on paper I can’t write.
Maybe hue of hair, the music of voice,
Your blush at my joke or a smile so bright.
Whatever, at heart’s measure, it was right.

Now the table we share is different.
A spinach quiche for you and for me too.
Gazing at you my heart is efferent,
To a new height I never ever knew.

Heart pounding I lean forward, unknowing,
If any favor will you bestowing.


To my Face Book friends this may be a repeat, not sure.

This is a painting by Ron Hicks.  Don’t know its title, but as you can see the poem title is Across the Table.  There are a lot of unanswered questions about these two.  For sure he is going in for a kiss.  Look at Ron’s unobtrusiveness in declaring the male’s violation of the female’s safe space. Or does she have something in her eye and wants his help? Study her body position.  The rest of the lines are my observations.  Do you agree?  Send me your comments.  Just a research note most common place for relationships to start are in the workplace.