Calm Sea, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

zCourbet Gustave Calm Sea (1866)Calm Sea, Gustave Courbet (1866)

Calm Sea, Robert A Sieczkiewicz

There is no place that I would rather be,
Than listening to the song of the sea,
Sitting with you so near and dear to me,
With quiet mind and my soul so carefree.

Toes digging into ubiquitous sand,
Thoughts of constantly changing life we planned.
Time dictates, for we are at its command,
It is time making the biggest demand.

To do things we never had time to do,
Looking at me my thoughts you always knew,
Being together ‘til our time is through,
With my gaze responding with I love you.

Silently we sit, the tide running out,
Hand in hand both knowing what loves about.

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Husband, Father, Grandfather, Lover of all beautiful things. I love to read and write poetry. My favorite hangouts are libraries and museums and yet I love being outdoors. I am a dreamer of things that could be.

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