Droplets, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

DropletsDark Angel Tears, D. Sharon Pruitt (2010)


The sun sneaks through, the thinly covered trees,
Forming mosaics, on the carpet grass.
Wonder if they could be read like tea leaves,
Placed in a gigantic kaleidoscope,
As an aid for finding answers to life?

On my favorite outdoor glass table,
I scattered the morning’s bright diamond dew.
Vaporizing in nearly an instant.
With apple and knife in hands, I rested
On a bench marveling the choice I made

Saw alternative world under the glass
As a flattened two dimensional world
Behind the glass life was very fluid
Fidgeting with no apparent pattern
But signs similar to the world above

Droplets of moisture tend to congregate
Forming small moisture pools of countless shapes
With some unknown dynamic force these pools
Get larger, larger to a tipping point
Suddenly, part of it falls to the ground

Many pools let loose their vitality
Now life into the pools are diminished
Leaving droplets of diminutive size
Without much drama they all disappear
And I get back to my red ripe apple

Two Young Hearts, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Two Young Hearts
Photo credit: Deviantart.net

Two Young Hearts

My crucible poured molten love for you,
Into a form known as infinity.
Each past day a little forging took place,
With embracing moments and warm kisses.

There have been some challenges to its shape,
With weeping and anger along the way.
Once a crack so deep raggedly appeared,
We hammered together to force it out.

Through many years final shape has been made.
Its tender smoothness so bright that it glows.
Looking back shows it took enormous work,
To shape two young loving hearts into one.

Together now we watch the setting sun
Thinking back to when we had just begun
If life but just a game we surely won
For it’s a wonderful love we have spun

Summer Love, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz


Summer LoveElena en la Playa, Biarritz, Joaquin Sorolla y Bastida (1906)

Summer Love

In my hand I hold a rose fully spent,
No more memories of its pleasant scent.
Each petal picked I toss into the sea,
But to have a wave return them to me.

They now cluster in the pure virgin sand,
Making me think of when our love began.
Many roses glowing in the sunshine.
You cut a soft one saying it was mine.

Its velvety feeling I held so close,
Reacting to one of Cupid’s arrows.
Giving thanks to you with a longing kiss,
Now all that I can do is reminisce.

There is a change in the cool autumn air,
The wind captures the petals as I stare.
Our summer love has now gone astray,
But for a while in my heart you will stay.

Heat of Desire, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Heat of DesireMysteries of Lisbon (Mistérios de Lisboa, 2010)

Heat of Desire

It is love that I fervently desire
For there is a deep ache to be with you
I am consumed by this internal fire
Such a lasting burn that I never knew

Burning hotter than the sun’s summer glow
Bursting as if a huge phosphorous flare
Every thought of you brings on greater woe
For all hours your image is always there

Capturing me with your hypnotic scent
Quickly made me unable to resist
By your endless beauty my strength was spent
From that moment on the fire did persist

I am worn to a point where now I grieve
Need you now to say our love we shall share
That a powerful love we shall conceive
Or am I doomed to a life of despair

By the Oceanside, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

By the OceansideSunset at Etretat, Claude Monet (1883)

By the Oceanside

Tis never quiet at the oceanside.
Coming here often so my ears may hear,
The music that reaches far down inside,
Touching ever dearly to bring a tear.

Never certain what music ocean brings,
For the moon and the wind select the score.
Prefer the wind send the angel that sings,
Over the moon slamming waves at the shore.

The angel’s songs upon the ocean breeze,
Bring back many memories of long passed,
Of her endeavoring for my heart to seize,
A love, thinking it would forever last.

But tonight the full moon has taken hold,
Sending forward a Wagner symphony.
The percussion sounds are strong, stern and bold,
I’m so relaxed for my love sits with me.

Beneath the blanket to ward off the chill,
As we plan our future lives together,
Knowing the ocean to play what it will,
We shall persist whatever the weather.

Come My Love, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Come my Love 2Dans le Lit, le Baiser, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (1892)

Come My Love, Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Come my love to the comfort of my bed
Let me feel the tenderness of your flesh
Where not a single word needs to be said

In a moment our worries we shall shed
I’m the vine to the tree eager to mesh
Come my love to the comfort of my bed

Your fire into my heart I will embed
Kisses from your lips soon to give a rush
Where not a single word needs to be said

Into another world we shall now sled
A time for our passions to replenish
Come my love to the comfort of my bed

Your touch to be intoxicating med
Giving feelings not wanting to finish
Where not a single word needs to be said

Thoughts of you forever inside my head
Desiring your love always to be fresh
Come my love to the comfort of my bed
Where not a single word needs to be said

Ludus and Eros, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Ludus and ErosLa Dame au pantin et à l’éventail, Félicien Rops (1873)

Ludus and Eros

With such joy you toyed with my hapless heart
I am but your puppet tethered on strings
Happily played with me when time was right
Then hung me on the knob behind the door

I struggled often to set myself free
But this desiring heart would have no part
Silently I await for my next chance
Not knowing if that time shall ever be

What power do you have that keeps me bound
I get the feeling that you are Ludus
And I’m woefully wounded by Eros
Doomed to ever gather dust on this knob

But wait, I hear the sound of your sweet feet
My heart starts pounding with such living joy
Is this the day I have been waiting for
I go limp as the sound I hear no more