Stillness, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

StillnessCristina I, Pietro Annigoni (1967)


Magnetically frozen in my place,
I’m allured by the stillness of your face.
The electricity of your being,
Producing in me a calming feeling.

Who are you who has captivated me?
Holding my heart hostage with your beauty,
Before you have spoken a single word,
Confusing every thought making them blurred.

A vain attempt to understand your mood
Are you reminiscing of being wooed
Or of deeper thoughts more devotional
Surely you grasp at an intangible

Filled with desire to gain your attention
But timidly fearing your reaction
Continue to stand as a mannequin
Drinking in your beauty the best I can

Sensing that you do not know I am near
But to move a foot closer do I fear
I paint a picture of you in my heart
And with great sadness I turn to depart

Eros, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

ErosEros, Joseph Paelinck (1820)


Many claim Eros is a perfect shot
At one hundred yards he can split a heart
Never saw him as he took steady aim
From this day forward will not be the same

First thought was the wine going to my head
Thinking in the morn feelings I will dread
Evening ending with a soft gentle kiss
In bed, ceiling danced in euphoric bliss

Rose quickly in the morning big and bold
A sign of great desire I have been told
Jumped into my clothes as I could not wait
So eager to know want is in my fate

To her door as quickly has I could fly
She smiled, “Eros said you’d be stopping by!”

Heart of Snow, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Heart of SnowHeart of Snow, Edward Robert Hughes (1907)

Heart of Snow

Born to life as human from snow and ice
Of a mountain built on white purity
Never yielding to any mortal vice
That grows rampantly in any city

Here you are to be ever protected
You may as well been formed in simple brass
For how can your feelings be projected
When the high heat of desire comes to pass

Dire is your life for love you cannot feel
Your heart would rapidly turn to water
The moment you find your love is real
To this problem is there any answer

Created by man to place on the shelf
But in reality hurting them-self

Need You Near, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Need You NearMorning Sun, Harold Knight (1913)

Need You Near

Be it a day or a week we’re apart
There is such loneliness crushing my heart
Closing my eyes can see you standing there
But reaching out there is but only air

I need the tenderness of your soft touch
Your hand in mine in an eternal clutch
Walking together not knowing the end
Not faltering our pace when at a bend

Need the promise you to leave me never
Be it sunny days or dreary weather
For without your help I am not complete
And love for you I can never deplete

May be selfish to want you ever near
But the loss of you is my greater fear

Whispers on the Wind, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Whispers on the WindWhispers on the Wind, Edward Robert Hughes (1911)

Whispers on the Wind

The sun has retreated some hours ago,
Light by only the dark cloud filtered moon.
With daring walked where I nightly go,
Hoping to hear an answer very soon.

Stood motionless against the air so still.
Is this another night void of answer?
Just the thought gave a shaking deathly chill!
Need I fall to my knees as a beggar?

What must I do to secure such a place,
Where food nor water no longer needed.
To live forever by Your holy grace.
Please provide your word for I am frightened.

A soft warm wind began to move the cloud,
I heard a gently whisper on the wind.
As the cloud hovered over like a shroud,
Now knowing all my sins He did rescind.

I hear you Lord but fail to understand,
Do You wish not to provide a command?