This Is Not My Home, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

This is not my Home

This is not My Home

From this place I wish to escape
For no longer safe do I feel
Many actions are surreal
Seeing shadows of anarchy

Do not recognize where I am
This place surely is not my home
There day or night so free to roam
Now fear a bullet will find me

Don’t dare to express my thinking
Without attorney at my side
For so many would say I lied
Not a word, not in a whisper

Peace and friendship almost absent
It appears we’re ever at war
As close as the people next door
Willing to plant me any time

Can’t ask where I’m able to go
For I may be asking a foe

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Husband, Father, Grandfather, Lover of all beautiful things. I love to read and write poetry. My favorite hangouts are libraries and museums and yet I love being outdoors. I am a dreamer of things that could be.

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