An Offering, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

An Offering, Frank Dicksee (1898)

An Offering, Frank Dicksee (1898)

An Offering

Thou beauty be greater than can be said.
Thou smile brilliant as the pearls in the sea.
Thou hair more vivid than sunset of red.
Thou eyes as diamonds shine ever brightly.

My heart beats eager for joyous moments,
Of thy magical touch, feeling warmness,
So close to taste sweetness of thy fragrance,
Closer yet to feel thy downy softness.

It has now become such a heavy chore,
To restrain the feeling holding inside,
Being so close to the one I adore.
Soon be difficult my feelings to hide.

Symbol of Cupid I present to thee
Desire his arrow ‘come reality

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