My Every Sense, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

WaterliliesWaterlilies, Claude Monet (1919)

My Every Sense

In the soft morning light I thirst for you
Neither food nor drink do I now desire
But to experience my every sense

To cast my eyes upon your nakedness
As you lie there motionless by my side
More beautiful than the goddess Venus

To get closer so to inhale your scent
An essence softer than heavenly clouds
That sets within me thoughts of you only

To wake you so that your voice I may hear
Sounds falling as feathers upon my ears
Stirring in me exciting sensations

To pass my tongue over your moistened lips
Gathering your nectar along the way
Hoarding it for it’s more precious than myrrh

O but to touch your warm velvety skin
To know that you are more than a mere dream
And able to take my heart to new heights

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