Shadow on the Wall, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Shadow on the Wall


Shadow on the Wall

The sun shines bright in the late afternoon,
Casting shadows of people everywhere,
As they move about in activity.
Not I, the object is to sit and stare.

My chair like any other work day hides,
So neither sun nor person can see me.
Here to view the dancer’s effortless glides,
As do the graceful birds above the sea.

I watch with loving awe to see her fly,
So high, her shadow is lost off the wall.
Fearing she be captured by the blue sky,
Or come thundering down, a fatal fall.

She is an angel without any wings,
Not so small size to be lifted by winds,
Nor securely attached to puppet strings.
Maybe she is not one of us earthlings.

Dizzily I’m watching her pirouette,
With her such formal grace and blurring speed.
Dare not to blink while being soaked with sweat.
Question upon questions, answers I need.

Now must know who belongs to this shadow.
Must see her face and know where is her place,
For not to know would give me greatest woe.
To avoid such would give aggressive chase!

Dashed to the courtyard, looking left then right,
There wasn’t a single dancer before me.
Returned to my chair, couldn’t believe my sight,
There’s her shadow dancing for me to see!


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