To Embrace Her Again, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

To Embrace Her Again

The great expanse of highways are naked
White fish bones lines cover the parking lot
Stores are in darkness having been blighted
A single bag-holding shopper there’s not
I move with a feeling of emptiness
Wondering if I am the only one
The horror within my mind is ceaseless
Desperately wish these thoughts I could shun
The enemy unseen could cause my death
Anything I touched it could climb aboard
Like burglars in the night will take my breath
Worried what I may find heavy sweat poured
Could not drive fast enough to get to her
Turning into the driveway there she stood
Her gentle wave supplied me the answer
Moving close to her as fast as I could
We kept social distance as was required
The mask covered half of her lovely face
There would be no contact as I desired
Could be months before again we embrace

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