Unintended Gardener, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Unintended GardenerBornero Hill, Old Lyme, Connecticut, Frederick Childe Hassam (1904)

Unintended Gardener

‘Twas not to be an ordinary day.
Spring was present but with summers hot touch.
A tree at the hill’s crest offered a stay,
From the above fireball’s sizzling clutch.

A journey of ease is now one of need,
As I feel safe harbor from its cool shade.
To pay for the stay I’d do a good deed.
From my knees view checking each twig and blade.

Reality, I know not what to do.
A rainbow of colors upon the ground.
Pull, not pull, flower, weed, what is the clue?
Frozen. Aware. My denseness is profound.

From my back pocket I take my smartphone,
For pictures of everything of color.
This way my imperfect skills I will hone,
So I’ll learn to be a future culler.

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