Vivien and Merlin, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Viviane et MerlinVivien and Merlin, Gaston Bussiere (c. 1900)

Vivien and Merlin

Vivien, thou to be my lasting fate
To control me until the end of time
Bold beauty surely not thy greatest trait
Skillful deceit to capture heart of mine

I’m old and thee be precious spring flower
Before me thy sweet scent meant my descent
Easily thee my heart fully devour
For I did willingly give my consent

Every moment together causing strain
Knew thou desire a secret to attain
It’s about the power thou wish to gain
While I exhaustively tried to complain

Oak tree which shielded us during the storm
Soon bed to be for heavy need of sleep
Will forever encase me in its form
Vivien, more misery thy shall sweep


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