Whispers on the Wind, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Whispers on the WindWhispers on the Wind, Edward Robert Hughes (1911)

Whispers on the Wind

The sun has retreated some hours ago,
Light by only the dark cloud filtered moon.
With daring walked where I nightly go,
Hoping to hear an answer very soon.

Stood motionless against the air so still.
Is this another night void of answer?
Just the thought gave a shaking deathly chill!
Need I fall to my knees as a beggar?

What must I do to secure such a place,
Where food nor water no longer needed.
To live forever by Your holy grace.
Please provide your word for I am frightened.

A soft warm wind began to move the cloud,
I heard a gently whisper on the wind.
As the cloud hovered over like a shroud,
Now knowing all my sins He did rescind.

I hear you Lord but fail to understand,
Do You wish not to provide a command?

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