Need You Near, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Need You NearMorning Sun, Harold Knight (1913)

Need You Near

Be it a day or a week we’re apart
There is such loneliness crushing my heart
Closing my eyes can see you standing there
But reaching out there is but only air

I need the tenderness of your soft touch
Your hand in mine in an eternal clutch
Walking together not knowing the end
Not faltering our pace when at a bend

Need the promise you to leave me never
Be it sunny days or dreary weather
For without your help I am not complete
And love for you I can never deplete

May be selfish to want you ever near
But the loss of you is my greater fear

Whispers on the Wind, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Whispers on the WindWhispers on the Wind, Edward Robert Hughes (1911)

Whispers on the Wind

The sun has retreated some hours ago,
Light by only the dark cloud filtered moon.
With daring walked where I nightly go,
Hoping to hear an answer very soon.

Stood motionless against the air so still.
Is this another night void of answer?
Just the thought gave a shaking deathly chill!
Need I fall to my knees as a beggar?

What must I do to secure such a place,
Where food nor water no longer needed.
To live forever by Your holy grace.
Please provide your word for I am frightened.

A soft warm wind began to move the cloud,
I heard a gently whisper on the wind.
As the cloud hovered over like a shroud,
Now knowing all my sins He did rescind.

I hear you Lord but fail to understand,
Do You wish not to provide a command?

The Wonder of it All, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

The Wonder of it All

The Wonder of it All

The dragon flies with their gossamer wings
Sit motionless on their battle stations
Of Cat O Nine tails ready to assault

Bumble bees of many ready to join
Upon the lofty yellow snapdragons
As they only have strength the lids to lift

Hand in hand we so eagerly follow
The large bold fluttering orange monarch
Butterflies to our secret hideaway

Still a good distant away we could hear
The king lion’s roar at our objective
For it’s behind him will be great safety

Nearing we see his roar sending shock waves
Down the docile waters of the river
Making lotus blooms jostle each other

Our heated hearts pounding as we are here
We expose fully to the summer sun
And slide quickly behind the waterfall

My Every Sense, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

WaterliliesWaterlilies, Claude Monet (1919)

My Every Sense

In the soft morning light I thirst for you
Neither food nor drink do I now desire
But to experience my every sense

To cast my eyes upon your nakedness
As you lie there motionless by my side
More beautiful than the goddess Venus

To get closer so to inhale your scent
An essence softer than heavenly clouds
That sets within me thoughts of you only

To wake you so that your voice I may hear
Sounds falling as feathers upon my ears
Stirring in me exciting sensations

To pass my tongue over your moistened lips
Gathering your nectar along the way
Hoarding it for it’s more precious than myrrh

O but to touch your warm velvety skin
To know that you are more than a mere dream
And able to take my heart to new heights

Desire Path, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Desire PathCrediton Hamlets: footpath through wheat field, Martin Bodman (2006)

Desire Path

The field now matured, with bright golden wheat.
All but a narrow path, of shoulders width,
Made by two lovers, to a glade of birch

Each day when the sun is no longer high
She now starts from the east, he from the west
Would come and these two vines would intertwine

Both are filled with tempestuous desire
A hunger their hearts yet to satiate
There is no want, the roaring fire to quelch

An island of refuge from any want
Here they feel so unadulterated
Ready to fulfill the other’s wishes

In their bed of myrtle they contemplate
The test of their love when the ground is white
Are their feelings but a mere summer love?

Eternal Love, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Eternal Love

Eternal Love

With fingers nested in her silver hair
Staring into the depth of her green eyes
So clear, can see straight to her blazing heart
Sensing a pain that only love can bring

Coming closer placing my lips on hers
There is a dryness that should not exist
Most vital moisture they have been denied
The result of an endless stream of tears

Caressing her gently with weakened arms
My lips upon her ear whispering words
Today no different than years before
Not knowing if the final day is near

For us each night there is but one day less
But that shant diminish the love we share
Its great abundance makes the future clear
Time can set no boundaries over love

The Secret, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

The SecretThe Secret, Dorothy Landau (n.d.)

The Secret

Sitting silently, just beyond her touch.
All to be heard is, the whispering wind.
O to say to her “I love you so much,
Your heart over mine shall be ever pinned!”

We would meet in, the shade of this oak tree,
To behold feelings, yet to be explained.
With each touch, helped to solve this mystery
Finally understood, our hearts were linked!

On that special day, ivy we did plant,
That to each other, we shall ever cling
Love so deep, neither ever to recant
Love so sweet, it makes all the angels sing

Pain I feel unable to kiss your nape
But from this place there will be no escape