Cappuccino, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz



Easterly window a horrible sight
Receiving no pardon must arise
Shield myself from the ghastly sight
Intensity so high must protect my eyes

In line at my favorite coffee shop
Inhaling the intoxicating roast
A must in the morning to be first stop
One fault, isn’t close enough to my bedpost

Chitter chatter challenging to my ear
Service progress is at a tortoise pace
Consciousness without caffeine there is fear
Now unable to keep my happy face

Reached the counter to see barista’s back
Impatiently waiting for her to turn
In beauty there is nothing does she lack
Caffeine is now of diminished concern

Her impeccable smile broke through my mask
Standing motionless not making a sound
For cappuccino unable to ask
Wondering if she could hear my heart pound

“Look to be a cappuccino to me”
Whirling, she was finished before the start
Creating art with fantastic beauty
With a smile in my cup she placed her heart

This Sunny Day, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Path in the WoodsPath in the Woods, Vincent van Gogh (1887)

This Sunny Day

Did walk gingerly on this sunny day
Not really sure my destination
Just listening to what I had to say
Resulting in my great consternation

Half hidden in my path I did not see
A stone that quickly sent me to the ground
Sounding as if a falling aged oak tree
Cautious not daring to emit a sound

Laid there awhile afraid to move an inch
Unsure of the event that just happened
Strange feeling, both hands my heart I did clinch
Smiling for I was unknowingly stunned

Looking to the sky with such pain inside
Such was it that made me feel so alive
The feelings in my heart I will abide
For it’s a special love soon to arrive


Thisbe and Pyramus, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Thisby and Pyrimus Poem