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Explosive Love

Explosive Love, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Lips upon my neck
No way to keep her in check
Soon I will be gone
My energy will be spent
Not a moment to repent

She has a passion
Which I’ll never seek to shun
For me she’s the one
I wish to have always close
As everyday our love grows

She drives me insane
A love I cannot explain
One I can’t control
Feelings that I have inside
My passion now busted wide

A Street Corner in Prague

Jakub Schikaneder, A Street Corner in Prague (1924)

A Street Corner in Prague, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

What is it of the fire behind the door?
This building for centuries stood its ground,
Daring not a passersby to explore,
Forcing everyone to walking around.
About this old building stories they tell,
Making wary others shake in wonder,
When told inside is the stairs down to hell.
Going to close their souls it will plunder.
Walkers of the street bow in reverence,
Daring not to look into its dark eyes,
Causing them to do their dire penitence.
Not willing to become the devil’s prize.
There once was a brave one who went inside,
Not to be seen again guessing he died.

Swooning Because of You

Swooning Because of You, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Those steaming magical moments with you
Daring was I for one who was so shy
Such a gentleman to help tie your shoe
Just a scheme to feel your soft inner thigh

But of course by seeing your grin I knew
You had a touch of devil in your eye
Eager was I to see the full menu
Ending with special requests you’ll comply

Like a Boy Scout rubbing two wooden sticks
Made a roaring fire to last through the night
Choosing ala carte provides many picks
There was tasty delight in every bite

With these torrid thoughts I begin to swoon
Remembering yesterday afternoon

The Desert Flower

The Desert Flower, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

The desert flower
Waits for the needed water
Which may never come
An oasis in the sand
Wish to offer her a hand

Her pain is not shown
Why must she be all alone
With no one to care
Battered by the endless wind
Punished as if she has sinned

Signs of being flayed
Moved closer to give her shade
Want to give relief
It is quite hard to explain
But I understand her pain

The debacale of love

Theodore Robinson – La débâcle (1892)

The Debacale, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

A bridge so small yet we are worlds apart
What the differences be, I know not
Was love for me when I gave you my heart
For you were gentle to me at the start

Surrendering quickly, am I the fool
To resist I’d no knowledge of a tool
Or in the game of love of any rule
Which required one be vicious and cruel

I am more than willing to bear the scar
For it is true love just the way you are
You shall ever be my celestial star
Will not make a difference near or far

There is no happiness in how I feel
Want to assure you, my love was real