The Storm, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

The StormThe Waterspout, Gustave Courbet (1870)

The Storm

O that rain which comes in the darkest night
Shaking angrily my bedroom window
With its booming thunder and scaring light

Even glass within is showing some fright
A minor crack now beginning to show
O that rain which comes in the darkest night

Feeling that it rattles me just for spite
Tries to make within a horrific woe
With its booming thunder and scaring light

Bring my poor heart beat to a deathly height
Driving rain delivers its mighty blow
O that rain which comes in the darkest night

Makes my knuckles turn a ghastly pale white
Wondering what damages will it sow
With its booming thunder and scaring light

Now I’m waiting for the sun to shine bright
To spare me from this dark night’s awful glow
O that rain which comes in the darkest night
With its booming thunder and scaring light

Iron Anvil, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Iron Anvil

Iron Anvil

Have forever been my most trusted friend
Rust now covers your face like rock cap moss
For my life on you did always depend
Without you I will suffer a great loss

Ready whenever there’s problems to solve
Beat and twist ‘til an answer does exist
No matter the hours the task may involve
Our cherished partnership is sorely missed

Vivid memories of hammer in hand
Tap, tap, bang, tap, tap, bang, music we made
Working together as a one man band
On cherry-red piece upon you laid

Here watching you as if in a coma
Awaiting your cerebral idea

Sailing, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

SailingThe Yacht ‘America’ Winning the International Race, Fitz Hugh Lane (1851)


On a carpet of blue white sails billow
Filled with summer’s  warm softly scented air
Stretched from its mast like a downy pillow
Hurriedly attempting to be elsewhere

From advantage point enjoying the race
Knowing nothing of the art of sailing
Wondering if they can maintain this pace
No idea the first to be failing

All tacking to different direction
Loss of perspective of those in the lead
Some gone in the glare of the reflection
While others because of their immense speed

At the quiet horizon blue meets blue
For just a moment these eyes are searching
No longer is there a sail in my view
Excitement, the day couldn’t be more pleasing


Beachcomber, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz



The bubbly foam of the wave disappears
Bring darting piping plover with their spears
Stabbing tasty creatures the size of sand
In moments every inch of the beach scanned
On tooth pick legs the birds scurry away
Unable to keep the giant at bay
This hunter coming with scoop and sand pail
Eyes affixed looking for the Holy Grail
No attention paid to sea gulls above
Only focused on what is in search of
The multicolored shells eyes disregard
There’s silence praying for a gift from God
For sure she isn’t in search of shining gold
Nor jeweled antiques of centuries old
It is ancestors’ trash that is desired
Floated way when its usefulness expired
The fiery sun battered her naked back
Tiring but determined to stay on track
Was it the heat that brought her to a knee
Or was it an answer to her dire plea
With surgeon’s hand she picked up the piece
Holding secure not wanting to release
Making offering to the blazing sun
Feeling grateful finding this special one
What is it that gives this small piece great worth
There must be something better on this earth
That provides a feeling that would surpass
The joy of finding a piece of sea glass


Lovers’ Night, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Lovers' Night

Lovers’ Night

Sun soon to be below the horizon
Our silhouettes blending into darkness
Our night together will have just begun
Our love of each other time to express

We’ll quell the night’s chilling breeze with our fire
There will be no need for wood nor matches
As heat shall come from internal desire
And closeness of our constant embraces

Come walk with me to our hidden retreat
Hand in hand we will glide over the sand
Stopping occasionally lips to meet
Together our loving hearts will expand

The deep hunger we feel our love to taste
Moments together cannot be replaced


Naked Tree, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Naked Tree

Naked Tree

Not sure if mighty sea be friend or foe
Determines what near it allowed to grow
Is it possible has but single mind
Or has it the power to be unkind

Many decades in green cover it stood
All that remains now is its naked wood
Was it salt from the sea that caused its death
Or its water slowly stymied its breath

I see no reason for the mighty sea
To fester a desire to kill a tree
It does not appear the luck of the draw
That is killing our trees along the shore

Reasoning says no tree lives forever
Be no toil to shorten this endeavor
The reverse effort should be our pleasure
As our abundant trees are a treasure

If you stand aside the tree dressed in black
Is it your fervent want to bring it back
Or just a photo opportunity
With naked branches as a canopy


Wedding Cards, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Wedding CardsWedding Cards, John Everett Millais (1854)

Wedding Cards

Happy to respond that I will attend
Interested in what remains to pick
But a party of one saddened to send
Better than spending time in my attic

Wonderful this couple found each other
Joining together in matrimony
A bevy of kisses they shall smother
With an out pouring love to fill a sea

Restraining their eagerness is a chore
Being close together their hearts do swell
Their detailed differences to explore
There’s ample time after the wedding bell

Forever recipient of a card
Once on a card do I want to be starred