A Kiss of Love or Desire

z-the kiss

Ambrogio-Antonio Alciati, Le Baiser (c. 1910)


A Kiss of Love or Desire, Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

I’m a volcano ready to erupt!
Not sure, be it love or be it desire.
Surely, one leads to heaven one the fire.
Suddenly into my heart you irrupt,
Such a feeling you shall not interrupt.
For it is your love I wish to acquire,
And the very least to evoke your ire.
I plead that you not leave this heart bankrupt.

Oh it is you who are the biggest fool,
You failed to read the love signs sent.
Ignorance treats this heart so cruel,
Now we are so close show me your intent.
Be it your choice ov’r my heart you may rule,
And into heaven we shall both ascent.

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