A Picture of Your Soul

A Picture of Your Soul, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Have you ever viewed the life of your soul?
It is visible any night you choose,
By going to a nearby grassy knoll,
Decumbent yourself and brace for enthuse.
What you say, nothing more than a mere scam.
Anger not for it is a digital,
Presentation form of a scattergram.
Becalm your mind, do not be critical.
Steady, stretching your eyes upon the sky,
Capture the total events of your soul.
With what now is seen you will soon descry,
The blacks and the brights comprising the whole.
The blacks are the easiest to explain,
As they are events assigned no import.
Brights take judicious evaluation,
Beginning with the most glowing of sort.
To brights attach your memories until
A lack of brights causes consternation.
Lucky are you to be at a standstill
Needful to seek a new constellation.
Those of us who cannot assign all brights,
It takes more visits to this grassy knoll.
Take a friend for some support on those nights,
As these nights may just be brights in your soul.

1 thought on “A Picture of Your Soul

  1. Carolyn F Hansen

    Evaluation of one’s soul cannot be easy. Although, through meditation, one can view the spiritual journey.


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