Confluence, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz


From the hill above,
Perched as if I were a dove.
My mind is affixed,
To two young streams floating by,
With unlike hues of the sky.

Surfaces like glass,
Cutting their way through green grass.
I see the two streams,
As people lined in a queue.
I’m in one the other you.

Lives that are aimless,
Traveling without purpose,
Without burning hearts,
Not challenging any bend,
Their lives absent foe or friend.

Little did each know,
Their emotions would soon grow
Entering conflux!
All jostled and tossed about,
Their distinct hues faded out.

There is in my mind,
Thoughts of couples intertwined
Hands joined, traveling,
Life together that they’ll spend,
In love to the river’s end.

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