A Game of Ninepins, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz


A Game of Ninepins, Robert A Sieczkiewicz

My dear sir, the way you examine me,
It appears you are prepared for nine pins.
If able to win your choice will be free.
Lose and you’ll be forced to pay for your sins.

Dear sir just a warning, I am quite good.
If hand steady roll when you are ready.
More than a game to be misunderstood.
Relax in your approach, you are heady.

Dear sir remain cautious, you can still win.
Wearing my new perfume, what do you think?
You are in trouble, I can see the grin.
It’s time for you to stop, and have a drink.

If time for trade of sexual favors,
Beware women come in many flavors.

This painting is by Pieter de Hooch in 1665.  Pieter painted life as he saw it, plain and simple.  His colors were deep and authentic.  Vermeer studied under him for awhile. However, Pieter never made it big.  He died a pauper.  He went mad, died and left seven young children.  Although he was with issue he left no papers about his work so he leaves us guessing.  Unlike Vermeer de Hooch did not use many clues in his painting. But this painting did draw my attention because of the variance in costumes of the peoples.  Various classes being brought together by a common game.  But did all share a common meaning for the game?












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