A Nymph in the Forest, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz


A Nymph in the Forest, Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Stood singly before massive green forest.
So dense, road nor path has yet to be blazed.
No map, compass, walk’n stick or watch on wrist,
In search of a treasure which I once gazed.

Impossible task, so I was informed.
With only a vision, insane you be.
Without hesitation, ahead I stormed,
With desire in heart, a treasure to see.

As the sun light weakens, rest place will seek
A mat of moss and blanket of laurel.
Soon to lightly sleep, with one eye to peek.
Mind at ease by the scent of wood sorrel.

Tonight I dream the morrow brings me you,
For you are my treasure, a love so true.


Charles-Amable Lenoir is the creator of this beautiful painting.  He was a student of William-Adolphe Bouguereau which means that he focused on painting beautiful women. Lenoir did not gain much notoriety, but among art critics was highly respected.  In this painting we will not find symbolism only beauty so that is what I write about.  A fleeting moment were a man sees a beautiful woman peering out of a forest.  He is so overcome by her beauty that he decides to go in pursuit of her.

That is a fairy tale.  But what I am really writing about is real life.  The forest can be a city, any city.  The man could be sitting in a coffee shop and sees a woman walk by and be totally enthralled by her beauty.  Such a thought provokes the question, “Is it possible?” Can a man or a woman fall in love at first sight?  Especially a moving target. The first time I heard “Un Bel Di” from Puccini’s Madame Butterfly I fell in love with it.  To this day goose bumps appear on my arms when it reaches my ears.  The first time Vanilla Bean gelato met my tongue it was love and it continues to be my favorite. The first time I cast my eyes on the  Danse à Bougival by Renoir I was so moved.  Still today if I had my pick of but of one painting that would be it.  The moral.  First impression do mean a lot.

Whether or not it ends up a successful love match that is another question.  As in the poem all the love struck person can do is hope.







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