A Tender Heart So Willing to Succumb


A Tender Heart So Willing to Succumb, Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Clocks have power to forecast an event,
They predict places a person will be.
It is twenty to nine, time for that scent,
I close my eyes and let it capture me.

She passes me by without spoken word,
To the elevator up to her floor.
Is she aware of the chance I incurred,
Or are her actions for me to explore?

Smiling she nodded to coffee and talk.
She was soft and playful as a kitten.
Time flew. No eye was focused on the clock.
It was obvious that I was smitten.

Her succulent lips of red did welcome,
A tender heart so willing to succumb.


Again I use a painting by  Ron Hicks

Notice the difference in the body language in the women in this painting versus Across the Table poem.  There are so many cliches that could explain this outcomes, i.e., “She let him chase her until she caught him.”  But I’ll leave you to think of them.  She probably had feelings for this guy but wanted to catch him on her terms.  Even a simple little kiss at the table she is in control.  Sitting square on the seat with head erect.  If he wants a kiss he has to work for it.  He is willing to succumb to her beauty. He, like a bee heads for the honey.  One final note on how well this woman had things planned.  Notice the placement of the coffee cup.  It was well out of the way. She didn’t want anything messing up this kiss.  Compare this to where the cup was in Across the Table.  Nearly in the center of the table. Hope it was empty.

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  1. Carolyn Hansen

    I agree, she is totally in control. She’s playing him like a fine tuned fiddle and he’s loving it.


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