Alone Together With You, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz


Alone Together With You
Have thee for a moment take me caressed.
Time in solitude without any despair,
So gently nestled at thy downy breast,
Feeling a love complete without compare.
Love is limitless when measured by time,
Shall last longer than the stone on thee sit,
But not mortal bodies as thine and mine.
Before end of day both could be quiet,
So waste not love’s moments of cherished joy.
Stay with me Oh please with time that thy may.
Hold my head hold my body we alloy,
That today thus richer than yesterday.
Thee is music offering mind surprise,
The longer thee stay with me is reprise.


Let me start with a question.  Can you really, by definition be alone with someone?  I say yes and let me tell you why.  Love that is so strong between two people makes them one.  Love creates a symbiotic relationship.  When there is a strong love in one direction there is a distinct possibility weakness of the one in love.  Oh! he or she is love sick.  We have heard the term.  Now let’s take the case where one of the two lovers is ill.  This can make the strong lover ill.  Not a good situation.

In the poem we have an ill lover asking a healthy lover to stay with him.  He knows that he will be siphoning health from this lover when with the word alloy.  The mixing together.  Is he being rational or selfish to say we could die tomorrow but our love will live on?  The final couplet uses a music analogy.  Music clears his mind it makes him feel good.  Repeat it, meaning stay longer and he will continue to feel good even though seeing him weakens her own mind.

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