Automat, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz


Automat, Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Would really love to communicate.
Desired method is always eye to eye.
Electronics methods will not dictate,
For by your twitching eye can see a lie.

Why do you easily procrastinate?
Is there something stuck between eye and soul?
If known would probably infuriate?
Weight carried may cost a heavier toll?

We dance aimlessly to gain position,
Forgetting at times that this is a friend,
Now destroyed because of disposition.
No email, No text, don’t bother to send.

Time has shown that friends find reasons to meet,
Rather than regrets via text or tweet.

The Automat was done by Edward Hopper in 1927, long before cell phones and the Internet but this is one telling painting.  All that black sets the mood. Why one glove?  She needed to take it off  to handle the cup properly.  Before her is any empty dish, so she must of had a snack so why not take both gloves off?  Hopper could be using it to create the sense of confusion.  Is she going to sip the coffee of just study it?  Maybe it is filled to the brim and does not want to spill it.

It appears to me that she is about to meet someone.  And it is not going to be a happy exchange.  See wants an eye to eye meeting even though see knows it is going to be tough.  You be the judge.




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