Bocca Baciata, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz


Bocca Baciata

Lips ruby red, coated with evening dew.
As they move forward my heart’s pace hastened.
She stops and offer petite smile askew.
Deep breath taken my heart was restarted.

Again she moves forward finger in lead,
That was extracted from between her lips.
Enjoyed finger’s taste, lips preferred instead.
Patience is needed for heavenly trips.

Through dinner the puppeteer’s strings did pull
to control motion. But failed at my thought.
By her act would have me think her a trull.
My heart harbor’s no vision of that sort.

Under the moon I will kiss lips so sweet,
Give her feelings of love that is complete.


Rossetti inscribed on the reverse side of this painting “Bocca baciata non perde ventura, anzi rinnova come fa la luna.” Which translates into “The mouth that has been kissed does not lose its savour, indeed it renews itself just as the moon does.”  But a hard life does take its toll.  Such will be the case for Fanny Cornforth.  Although it appears that Rossetti use Fanny he did take care of her when they both started to fail.  Wikipedia is a good jumping off place if you are interested in following the life of Fanny.

Fanny was 25 years old when she sat for Rossetti for Bocca Baciata.  He shows a hard 25. What I feel is going on in this painting is  a woman that is down on herself, low self esteem, and she would play people like she feels she has been played.  In her mind there is physical connectives but for her the pairing of body and soul cannot happen.  The speaker disagrees and is attempting to convert her.

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