Choice, Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

The gathering was spellbound by each note.
Coded nod from afar was accepted.
Liszt gently stroked out Don Sanche as if rote,
As two figures moved unintercepted.

Once outside they feel exhilarated,
Embracing at each other’s waist they kiss.
Soon their love is to be consummated,
The love that shall for evermore persist.

Their silhouette is seen at the hill crest,
By both Aphrodite and Selene.
Ponder they do, why the gods stop our quest?
This intervention could not be foreseen.

For their love, the gods shall they disobey,
Or for their gods, their love shall they betray?


The painting was done by Casper David Friedrich in 1824.  To me a very interesting complex painting.  Often said to representing an anti-Industrial Revolution mood.  Friedrich being a Romantic tended to emphasize the values of emotion, intuition, and sentiment.  We see plenty of these values in Man and Woman Contemplating the Moon.  Life is about choices and that is why I chose Choice for the poem’s name.

A little backstory on Aphrodite and Selene as used in the poem.  Other than the moon what else was in the sky? So I contacted the museum which presently holds the painting.  After some bouncing around I got an answer.  It was a star.  Not much help.  But because of its placement I took a leap of faith and assumed it to be the planet Venus and as we know that planet is associated with Aphrodite.

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