City Dance, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz


City Dance, Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Music they play is as soft as your hair
If there are others I am unaware.
We dance ever so close I breathe your air
Excuse my eyes for their fixated stare.

Your waist toward me I gentle direct
So the pace of my rushing heart you feel
And surely my body shows no neglect.
This night to reveal my love is real.

These horrible gloves I wear with disdain
Same comment I make of the gloves you wear
As from your flawless skin I must abstain
To touch every inch of you without fear.

This night of lovely music will have ceased,
Encumbered passions finally released.


I have always been moved by the use of white in a painting, it is a magnet for the eye.  Here it is no different.  But after studying the dress lacks motion.  But study the guy.  He shows plenty of motion.  His hair is messed up.  The front looks like a circular saw blade. Study his hands, the deftness of them.  They are definitely not those of a gorilla.  Gently he coaxes her toward him.  Were he a gorilla his had would be flatter demonstrating more force.  The young ladies hand sits on his left hand.  He does not grasp it.  Giving a sense of guiding and not leading.  His coattails also show motion.  Either that or he likes heavy on the starch.  My guess is she is in love on the love cloud. Study her expression.  It that or she is a student of Arthur Murray and is counting steps.

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