Dance in the Country, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz


Dance in the Country, Robert A. Sieczkiewicz
The whistle yells out, I am quick to go.
It’s Sunday noon and eager is my heart.
Inconsiderate train, you are so slow,
Add not a minute that we are apart.

Finally! I see her from where I stand.
She is lovelier than Sunday before.
Meeting my eyes she throws forward her hand.
Without pausing we are on the dance floor.

Her hand on my neck sends chills down my spine.
I stare at her lips, she presents her cheek.
Time after Time compelled to ask: be mine?
Only to hear: a love I do not seek.

Sunday will come again, again I dance,
For that is one way that I have a chance.

Pierre-Auguste Renoir painted Dance in the Country in 1883.  This is one of four paintings which Renoir painted with the dance theme.  Dance in the City, Dance in the Country and the most popular the Dance at Bougival featured a couple dancing while the  Dance at Le moulin de la Galette is a group scene and painted in 1876.

In 1881 through 1882 Renoir spent studying in Italy.  Come 1883 the would paint the the dancing couple painting.  This was a period of change of Renoir as he was giving up on Impressionism. For this reason I thought that the poem for this there needed to be a bit of contradiction.  The symbolism of the fan is present.  As the viewer of the painting we know that there is love involved.  The young is telling us that there is love in her heart and yet she is playing with the gentleman’s heart.  Like Renoir she is claiming independence and not going against the others who continued along the Impressionist paradigm.


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