Day Dreams, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz


Day Dreams, Robert Sieczkiewicz
Fervent jealousy is the fool’s reckless
Pendulum of time which travels without
Remorse in irrational hopelessness
Knocking askew love in a painful rout.

Words escaped without logical filter
As would the axe of a brawny woodman.
Clearly defining you the assaulter
It is you to show a side that’s human.

Wounded is she by you yet so sublime.
Daily she travels to where you two meet
With peacock fan and thoughts of happy time.
Be humble ask if you may share the seat.

Plead your intent is not love to destroy
But you wish for turning sadness to joy


John William Waterhouse did this gorgeous painting some time around 1885. It was recently auctioned off to a private party and I feel fortunate to capture it from the Christie website. The balance in the painting is fantastic. The flatness it conveys can be seen in the woman’s posture as well as the wall. The dominant position for the peacock fan sends a signal to the viewer that she is hoping for something. By the look on her face it is not continued good fortune. The thought of using jealousy just popped into my mind. while looking at the painting. ┬áJealousy can destroy so many relationships. To me jealousy is a sign of insecurity or guilt in a relationship and will eat away at it. However, if love is there the worst of problems can be worked out. Seeking forgiveness is not acting out of weakness but is a strength that you can bring to a relationship. Hope you enjoyed the poem and it made you think.

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