Ephemeral Love, a poem by Robert Sieczkiewicz

Ron Hicks http://www.tuttartpitturasculturapoesiamusica.com

Ephemeral Love, Robert Sieczkiewicz

Lovers they are, she the sun, he the moon,
How foolish two fools like them ever be.
They make love, they part, hope to see you soon.
Knowing it to be a sham as they flee.
Not true that they don’t for each other care,
Their worlds do different, circles travel.
How much private space they willing to share,
Together can make each life unravel.
Love is simply, one plus one equals one.
Until this answer is agreed upon,
Best not create plans that cannot be done,
For one or both shall decide to move on.
Till two are one love is ephemeral.
Think otherwise, get yourselves Demerol.

This is a Ron Hicks painting entitled The Love on the Road. After studying his painting for a while,  there was one thing that seemed out of place that made my change my approach to writing a poem. The man’s hand remains on the steering wheel.  To me it appears that he is waiting to make his escape. But look at the woman. She pulls his head close.  Hicks showing them going in two different directions shows that they are on different paths and that is how I attacked the poem. The rest is quite simple.  Using the sun and the moon from the earth’s perspective you may think they are close.  Yet their orbits are nowhere near or similar to each other.  As in the Big Bang theory pieces ran into each other, became one and followed a single orbit.  To last lovers need to do the same.


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