Across the Table


Across the Table,   Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

We met so often across the table,
Where eye enters eye without any depth.
Each with position extremely stable,
Then came that day I was caught without breath.

Your qualities on paper I can’t write.
Maybe hue of hair, the music of voice,
Your blush at my joke or a smile so bright.
Whatever, at heart’s measure, it was right.

Now the table we share is different.
A spinach quiche for you and for me too.
Gazing at you my heart is efferent,
To a new height I never ever knew.

Heart pounding I lean forward, unknowing,
If any favor will you bestowing.


To my Face Book friends this may be a repeat, not sure.

This is a painting by Ron Hicks.  Don’t know its title, but as you can see the poem title is Across the Table.  There are a lot of unanswered questions about these two.  For sure he is going in for a kiss.  Look at Ron’s unobtrusiveness in declaring the male’s violation of the female’s safe space. Or does she have something in her eye and wants his help? Study her body position.  The rest of the lines are my observations.  Do you agree?  Send me your comments.  Just a research note most common place for relationships to start are in the workplace.




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