Generations of Faith, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz



Generations of Faith, Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Oh to you darling tender sweet daughter
Let me share with you the love in my life.
Cast your eyes about and think of laughter
and the two before me too have been wife.

Love is not as much getting as giving
Simple as life is, it has been complete
Each generation adds sweetening
That you the youngest daughter are so sweet

Our husbands all have given love to us
Not just to wife but mother daughter too
So that singles become family thus
In not many years add another two

Love is wonderful of man and woman
But the role of family was God’s plan.

The artist of this painting is Pino Daeni who I would consider a contemporary do died young (1939 – 2010). He was an Italian artist, whose art and canvases elicit the feelings of warmth, nostalgia, love and family. To me family is the key word having spent most of my life in Italian households (seeing that I married an Italian our household could be classified as Italian at least by dietary rules). I use the name of the painting as the name of my poem. Attempting the read the body language of who I think to believe to be the mother of the young lady, it appears to me that she is trying to win her confidence to a way of life. That it is a good way where generations stay together caring for both young and old not because of necessity but rather because of love and to be able to share that love without interruption.  I remember the old neighborhoods with their triple-deckers.  When my wife and I first got married we lived on the third floor of one.  When one of the sons got married we were told to leave to make room for family.  That’s the way it was done.

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