Gleaners, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz


Gleaners, Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Book of Deuteronomy gave advice.
Leviticus little more demanding.
To save the poor there is need of device.
Property protected without banning.

Morning bell did ring, to the field they took.
Gleaners all, a way for them to survive
Not a piece did their fingers over look.
To gather enough that day did each strive.

Their call has fallen silent in the town.
New equipment takes every bit it can.
Planted fields now have fences all around.
Sign aplenty of a trespassing ban.

Gleaners have a new way of surviving,
Today it is known as Dumpster Diving.


The number of painting where the subject matter was gleaning caught me by surprise.  Probably the most familiar of all the gleaners painting is the one by Millet.  I chose not to use that one for I found by Sir George Clausen tells more of a story.

There is no deep thinking required here.  But I hope it makes the reader think.  Going back to Biblical times gleaners were a protected group.  It was a way of life for those on the edge of survival.  This protected status continued for centuries. Now it is gone.

Technology, I would ask you has it really made our lives any better.  We live longer, but do we live better?  Viewing paintings by period I do see a common thread among the artists.  It is their fear of industrialization.  Most of us carry smartphones, data instantly.  But do we communicate any better than the letters of yesteryear?

But who am I to talk as I write this blog.




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