Gratuitous Love


Gratuitous Love, Robert Sieczkiewicz

Dare I speak to you, of a special Love,
One where its roaring flame, shall never die,
Every thought of you, carried by a dove,
To make a new star, above in the sky,

Gratuitous love, so misunderstood,
Oft’ returned to giver, with such disdain,
Reject my personal love, if you could,
Then spiritual love, you too abstain.

If love is send to you, without request
for reward, accept with an open heart,
as such a person, may be heaven blest,
Giving good reason, not to be apart.

For you to accept love of mere mortal,
Readies you for the mighty immortal.


The creator of this painting may come as a surprise to you.  It did for me.  It is Salvador Dali, which he painted in 1950.  I have had a thought about gratuitous love in my mind for many weeks and finally decided to work it out in my mind.  Dali gave me part of the answer with this the painting.  The perspective is both human and divine, ephemeral and eternal.  Notice the lack of blood or nails.  Rather than seeing the rocks and dirt of Golgotha Dali paints a heavenly perspective.  In my poem I do the same by claiming that love goes beyond the confines of this earth.  I hope Gratuitous Love gives you something to ponder for awhile.

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