Impression Sunrise, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

monet-Impression sunrise

Impression Sunrise, Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Appearing static the sun sends its heat,
To the pulsing waters beneath the boat,
While afar stacks bellow a constant beat.
In this place how easy it is to dote.

Cranes querulously chatter on the wharf.
Various tongues seeking to trade their wares,
Even unloading crates from Dusseldorf,
When two years ago there were other cares.

War is a godless monster to all who,
Fight whatever the cause may claim to be.
Guns now silent, merchants once again woo,
Customers from every part of the sea.

Only death can provide eternal peace,
Until we find a way for war to cease.

Monet was making a political statement with this painting which he did in 1872.  Franco-Prussian War that ended in 1871 was a military set back for France which declared war on Prussia. France’s concern was the balance of power in Europe and that the unification of German states would make them too powerful.  It will not be long before World War I will put these combatants on opposite sides once again.

In the painting Monet is attempting to show the strength of France.  Those are not trees in the painting, but smoke stacks.  To the right of the painting are derricks as a symbol of commerce.  The setting for the painting was le Havre a major port city in the Normandy region of France.



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