In the Heart of Words, a poem by Robert A Sieczkiewicz

Au coeur des mots_huile24x20_egarant04

In the Heart of Words

The candle next to our bed is my heart.
Its flame is the love that I have for you.
Place your hand above, feel my love how hot,
Forever the flame burns I shall be true.

Feels like forever since I have been there,
To caress your naked body with mine,
My fingers spread to hold your silken hair,
And my tongue your open lips examine.

It is my guess that it is near that hour,
Where you meticulously bath with oil.
Closed are my eyes your scent I will devour.
Be gone anyone who would this dream spoil.

Hard to believe home but within an hour.
Save me some hot water for my shower.


This is a simple love poem. The candle is a heart and the flame represent the burning love that a man expresses for his wife.  He does however offer a warning, not a threat. He is cautious and wants to make sure that the flame continues to run hot.  It appears that his whole day has been consumed thinking about her.  Maybe he just went to work or even less.  If they life out in the country he could have just went out for milk.

The painting Au Coeur des Mots is done by Canadian painter Emmamuel Garant

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