Just Say It

Just_Say_It_20x24+oil+canvas_12-2015 (2)

Just Say It, Robert A. Sieczkiewicz
Forbidding my love be cast upon thee
Is equal to refusing the sunrise.
Thee claim to be cherished by another
Feels to me to be a defensive guise.

Is it necessary for thee to hide,
Thine eyes that once glowing in loveliness,
Did capture me that thy wish I’d abide.
Your silence is a dagger my Venus.

The past cannot be relived nor undone.
If poor discretion of mine has harmed thee,
Tell so that such behavior I may shun,
Or to toss my body upon the scree.

Should my body lie waiting for the sea,
It will be final sign of love for thee.


I am back to using a painting by Ron Hicks.  My FB friend may remember this painting as I put it out as a good example of how Ron placed his subjects.  By placing them on two separate planes he automatically creates tension.  What really got my attention about this painting is Ron Hicks has so many great painting about love.  A subject that would lift any heart. But this one makes you think.  Whether it is a lost love or just a moment is a relationship that has gone sour.

For the reader who is not aware that I love the sonnet, especially the English sonnet because of the challenge.  I have 14 lines to offer an issue, present an argument and a summation. There is a rhyming and syllable limitation making it more complicated.  This poem was a challenge so I will offer some details of my thoughts.  Love is not a physical state, sex is.  I am not talking here about  what is sometime referred as physical love. It is my thinking that all to often much attention is given to the physical aspects of love and not what happens between the ears or in the heart.  But that what sells tabloids and magazines.  This man is in love with the girl but has done and said  some real stupid things in his life.  He feels that the woman loves him but is using another man as an excuse and won’t explain her hurt.  If you want to see a raunchy example of this watch The Ranch on Netflix.

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