Keeping the Fire in Love, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Keeping the Fire in Love

by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Dusk brings subtle colors to the summer
sky. Roaring white capped tide brought on a chill.
The setting sun took the ocean’s glimmer.
Near water’s edge they place firewood with skill.

With deftness of hand there soon will be heat.
For they had done this countless times before.
This night is strange, cannot accept defeat.
Is this not the place they had called their shore?

Maybe a new way was necessary
They restack the wood a different way.
The Flame was there but weak, made them wary.
Without affront a wave took all away.

They motionless starring at each other,
Then each turned away thinking why bother.

The idea for this poem came on the 4th of July.  In Vermont our family had gathered for some deep bonding.  That we did.  One skill that was lacking was fire building.  First one way then another.  The second was a charm.  Similar to the two lovers in the poem we did move away from the tinder not from a lack of love but the intense heat.  I am sure if we could have measured the caloric value of the love present it would have exceeded that of the fire pit.

The point of the poem runs deeper than the fire pit.  It challenges the basic core of human interactions and how easy we walk away from relationships.  I remember some sixty years ago at school dances a moderator would ring a bell and we had to change partners.  It continues today.  The bell today represents any incompatibility.   We are a disposable society, whether it be a drinking cup or a friendship, and even worse a marriage.  At work we solve problems to save our jobs.  It is amazing that we cannot do the same with our human interactions.



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