Lady Lilith, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz


Lady Lilith, Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Wales is a splendid place for holiday
When in the company of Lady Lilith.
Eyes did meet with her at the entrance way
At my table soon was there with great stealth.

Gaze I did upon her beauty, she did
Show so openly, with my words so sparse.
Every part she moved was as if fluid,
While my parts were unbelievably coarse.

Scarlet fire encircled her perfect face.
Piercing Aqua eyes displaced my clothing,
While her scorpion’s venom marked its place.
Awakened to places never being.

Today was it femme fatale in the flesh,
Or desire of poet himself enmesh?


I have been spending some time reading about Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood (a group of painters) and it reminds of Sir Francis Dashwood and Ben Franklin with their involvement in the Hellfire Club.

In the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood the same models were often used between painters and on at least one occasion a painter gave painting lessons to a model who became well quite an accomplished painter herself . The model in this painting is Fanny Cornforth who was also the lover of the painter Dante Gabriel Rossetti a member of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. Is your head spinning yet, mine is.  I think I’ll do something like a process chart and link painters and models and wives.


I put together some more words for my next poem as I stay with Dante Gabriel Rossetti, It will be his Bocca Baciata. With the painting is the following “Bocca baciata non perda ventura, anzi rinnova come fa la luna.” The foundation for my poem.  Fanny was Dante’s lover at one time.  But I haven’t got the time line worked out yet so I’ll stop here.

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