Lady Playing the Harp, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Johnson-Lady Playing Harp

Lady Playing the Harp, Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Thoughts linger within my heart so deeply.
A lifetime may pass yet they can remain.
Howev’r with a word all could change haply.
Your whisper could remove the hurting pain.

Now my fingers only the harp do play,
No long’r through your hair do they softly pass.
Plucking of strings eases ache when the day,
Whilst at night my heart memories repass

Without warming love there can be no joy
To provide meaning to my existence
Mend my heart. What method do we employ?
Reach for my hand and remove our absence

Come sit by me and your song let me play
To warm our hearts so togeth’r we shall stay.

This painting by Eastman Johnson which is not dated. What really caught my attention again is his dramatic use of light. Notice how only the left arm and part of the dress are brightened by the sun.  The question is why, what story is John telling the viewer?  With the highlighted extended arm she could be reaching for more than a string. Maybe a lost love who she wants to have returned to her. The part of the dress that is highlighted may be symbolic of how empty her life may be without her love. It appears that in real life Johnson did have a lost love. Not sure if it has any credence to this. But I go with the love theme because of the harp morphed from the lyre.  And over the centuries the lyre moved from a burial instrument to string instruments taking many shapes, some being associated with love.  I still remember the Taboo ad with the guy with violin.  Then again, as Judy Garland sang, Zing! Went the strings of my heart.




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