Letter Sent by a Dove, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz


Letter Sent by a Dove, Robert A. Sieczkiewicz
Tis I with burden to do my bidding.
With heart so eager to speak so boldly
Yet rigid tongue with no ability.
Courage in my garden need be growing
Still the brave male lion does no hoeing.
Stand afar do I and never to be
Or with a rope hang on that lonely tree
But may my attention she awaiting?

Build position with handcrafted letter.
Dip pen in the blood of thy loving heart
And let the hand no heartfelt word deter.
Thy artful pen shall become Cupid dart.
Waxen seal shall capture her heart with love
With thy letter sent by fluttering dove.


The painting used with this poem was done by a Russian artist. However, the name was not clear to me so I am omitted giving credit here.  It was used because it show results.  We have a male in love with a woman hand does not know how to tell her so.  He feels that it is to late to learn the skills necessary to be a smooth talker so he might as well go out and hang himself.  But what if she is really interested in him?  So he writes her a letter.  By the look on her face it looks like is was quite. a love letter.




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