Letter Sent by a Dove, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz


Letter Sent By A Dove


Today I offer something new.  Well at least to me.  This is my first attempt at an Italian Sonnet.  It felt strange at first.  Then I realized that it required a different approach to thinking of not only construction but words.  When writing an English Sonnet I felt I could compartmentalize my thoughts easier.  With the Italian Sonnet there needed to be a constant flow for eight line then bang, which directions.  I do love the Italian Sonnet because there is a sense that I’ve gained some freedom in getting my thoughts out.  Still required to be pithy, held to a rhyming scheme and get there are times like today’s subject it just felt great.

Forgive me with font picture imbalance.  Trying to work out format for book


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