Love of a Mariner, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

*oil on canvas
*76 x 101.5 cm
*signed b.r.: JW.WATERHOUSE

Love of a Mariner, Robert A. Sieczkiewicz
There is nothing better than have you near,
Talk of nothing just listen to the wind,
Play beautiful love songs in to our ears,
No other sounds be allowed to prescind.
This is my choice yet ’tis not always true.
Your eyes are clear but focus they are not.
Born green and at times I look they are blue.
It grieves me to see you tight as a knot.
Today a good wind is filling the sail,
The yeomen at stern reels in the anchor.
If the song be silent do not bewail,
Should you flee from me will be no rancor.
For to love is a feeling to be free,
To shackle you at my will can’t be.


This is another John William Waterhouse painting. I have no idea what possessed him to paint two versions of Miranda.  The first done in 1875 was titled just that Miranda.  However, in 1916 he titled it Miranda – The Tempest.  Taking a subject and doing more than one painting was not uncommon for Waterhouse.  In the 1875 version shown above is so serene a place where lover might go just to listen to the wind and the wave make music while they embraced each other.  But if your lover is a mariner, the wind and the tide can ruin a courtship.



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