Lovers at the Beach, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Lovers at the beach

Lovers at the Beach, Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Lovers embrace at the altar of love.
A milieu of millions came before them.
Each smiles at Apollo’s glow from above.
Here to praise Venus from whence she has come.

The mist in the air does their love anoint.
Their wetness becomes symbol of union.
At the crash of the wave to it they point,
Such thunder won’t destroy their communion.

Remiss would they be, not to read each wave,
For the lovers, they are moments they share.
With understanding, a love they can save.
Their eyes held with magical force; they stare

Their love for each other is the reason,
They shall be togeth’r whatever season.


What is it about the Oceans that draws so many people.  The tides have been coming in and going out for millions of years.  There have been little waves and real big waves.  There was a time when people believed that there was a god of the sea.  The Greeks had Poseidon and the Romans had Neptune that would protect them while at sea.  Water is a symbol of rebirth.  There is purification in being touched by special water.  Just as we would read tea leaves or lines in our hand we can read the waves and what they portend.   It is all a mystery just like love is.

The painting was commission by a couple to celebrate their engagement and I down loaded it from here







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