Lovers Key, a poem by Robert A Sieczkiewicz


Lovers Key, Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Looked to western sky and assessed the clouds.
Will be good night to be at Lovers Key.
Clouds of lofted layered lacy light shrouds,
Will play tricks with the light for all to see.

Tis joyous walk from lot to water’s edge,
With dolphins jostling as if recess time.
I list’n to the birds in the sea grape hedge.
My fav’rite the egret acts like a mime.

Chair secured the show about to begin.
Helios moves toward the horizon.
Get to feel the world at its origin.
For these colors Helios pulled Azon.

Melancholy I get after each show.
Available for next show? I don’t know.


Lovers Key is a Florida state park. It fails for many as being a tourist spot and for me that is just fine.  From the parking lot to the water’s edge my guess is that it is close to three quarters of a mile.  Being one who walks with the assistance of a cane there are many rest stops along the way.  Each being a pleasure to visit with nature; to see, to hear, to feel, to smell.  And if you have sat long enough touch your tongue to your arm and taste nature.

This simple poem speaks for itself.  The beauty in the sunset is the mixture of the clouds. Without them there is just a ball of fire falling off the cliff.  Helios, the sun god does this event every evening, but with the aid of clouds each night is different.  Some are spectacular, as the night I write about.  It one point it felt like the Big Bang with so much light radiating through the thinly layered clouds.  Helios was pulling the first smart bomb rather than the sun that evening.

It is a ritual that I watch the Florida sunset.  Each one is bitter sweet.  The sunshine of the day spent with friends has been joyous.  But now the day is ending and I do not have an infinite number of them.  Never know when I have seen my last.



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  1. Regina Caruolo

    Enchanting photo, beautiful poem. Check out all the shapes in the clouds. Looks like an angel in the top left of the picture. Cool!


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