Meeting Death Revisted

Yesterday I posted my poem Meeting Death.  For some reason I wasn’t comfortable about it.  There was something missing.  The poem has somewhat of a personal connotation and before I talked myself out of it I posted it.  Well I have made a slight adjustment in the words but today I include what was missing, a Edward Hopper painting.  This spring while at the Brandywine River Museum of Art I saw a couple of his paintings.  His Sunday 1926 captivated me.  I made note of it knowing that some day it would be put to use; so here it is:



I, sitting there Sunday at noon, the eye,
In the sky closed. My world was in darkness.
Shocked was I, that there was nothing awry,
All went about their everyday business.

How does one plan for a day like today?
In the stillness I could not think, confused
And without answers, with nothing to say.
I claim adulthood. I can’t be recused.

Life has been a life of impunity,
Challenges have been a simple repair,
Rewards have been great opportunity,
But now here I am engulfed with despair.

I gasped and gasped finally took a breath,
The only guarantee is meeting death.


The starkness of the painting is probably the first characteristic you notice.  No inventory in the stores. No people, No cars, and not even a bird.  The man is even bald, no hair. Hopper surely conjures up the imagery of loneliness.

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