Meeting Death

Meeting Death, Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Sitting on the porch bench at noon, the eye,
In the sky closed. My world was in darkness.
Shocked was I that there was nothing awry,
All went about their everyday business.

How does one plan for a day like today?
In the stillness I could not think, confused
And without answers, with nothing to say.
I claim adulthood. I can’t be recused.

Life has been a life of impunity,
Challenges have been a simple repair,
Rewards have been great opportunity,
But now here I am engulfed with despair.

I gasped and gasped finally took a breath,
The only guarantee is meeting death.


My original thought of writing this poem was to give people courage when facing death of a love one. However, the more I thought about it and my true feelings sneaked out it became my own struggle with understanding death.
Is there beauty in death? There can be if you plan for it. Do not deny death. Meet it head on. Life is to be lived, so while alive live it. Relish every day. The beauty in death is looking back over your shoulder and smiling.


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