Memories in Tears


Memories in Tears, Robert A. Sieczkiewicz
This cold winter day, I walked to the east,
The slowly sinking sun, is now behind.
Turned into a narrow lane shown worn least.
Looked at cold naked chestnut trees aligned.

Followed the frozen lane towards the back.
Drew closer to an agonizing sound.
Saw a frail old women clothed in dark black.
Her naked knees meeting the frozen ground.

Tears on her shivering chin, jumped to their death.
With hand extended, gave her a tissue.
Last tear refused to touch, the frozen earth.
Looked at headstone, understood the issue.

Just how many more years of painful tears,
Will be shed for love, of so many years.


This is Paul Cezanne’s Path of Chestnut Trees in Jas de Bouffan in the Winter.  I chose it not be cause it excited me but because it interested me.  Much like the Hopper painting that I showed awhile back.  It was Cezanne’s family home for some fifty years.  The painting itself is simple.  What is dominant in the picture?  The trees.  But why?  In my poem I use the word gangly which refers to tall thin people.  Speaking again of the poem, are these gangly chestnut trees pallbearers?  You decide.



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