Ophelia, Robert A. Sieczkiewicz
Ophelia, how I need thee, sit by me,
with thy basket of rue to mend a heart,
devoid of any love, beyond lonely,
filled with despair, this world soon to depart.

Beauteous Ophelia, true to thy name,
I trust what remains of my life to thee.
Place rue on us to set our hearts aflame,
And our souls so joined shall forever be.

Ophelia, water surrounds thy beauty
So pure. Why was it so that thou had lied,
And destroyed our love for sake of duty,
While my faith in true love forever belied.

Without Ophelia, peace we shall nev’r see
And my wounded heart shall never be free.


John Everett Millais is the artist of the above painting titled Ophelia. In my poem Ophelia does double duty. The name Ophelia is taken from the Greek which means hope.   The speaker is asking hope to come and sit with him and help him, for he has love problems.  In the first line of the second stanza you get that clue “true to thy name.” But now he is addressing a women named Ophelia who he has just met.  If you read Shakespeare’s Hamlet you may see where this is going.  Ophelia lied to Hamlet and went crazy and ended up dying.  But I end the poem with a different personal twist. There is a rose, Peace. The most popular rose in the 20th century.  In 2001 I wrote an article for the American Rose magazine entitled Without Ophelia There Would be No Peace.  Ophelia was a Tea Rose and important component in the hybridizing of the Peace Rose. So if Ophelia was there Peace would not have ever been possible.  Getting back to the substance.  Love is built on faith and honesty.


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