Pietà (Pity), a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz




Pieta (Pity), Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Mother Mary the Immaculate one,
Here I kneel before a cold piece of stone,
Cover my ears for I can hear the moan.
Don’t truly understand what we have done,
With no guilt, to the tree we nailed thy son.
His words rung so clear, to be a new throne,
‘Nother nail pounded I feel in my heart the groan.
His reward did they seek now do they shun.

Mother Mary send us thy holy dove,
With a sign of thy sacred Son’s message,
That those confused of His eternal love,
Shall be welcomed by every babe and sage.
Pray thou love may we not be deprived of,
And to thy Son show us the right passage.


This is my first poem about a statuary.  Not sure if there is a piece more famous than the Pieta done by Michelangelo.  I saw it once and was held dumbfounded. Being a catholic it had meaning to me.  Standing before it I felt agony in my chest.

I think this poem is a straight forward read; however, for posterity sake I will provide some insight to what was put in the poem to create atmosphere and feeling. Michelangelo started with a piece of stone and the speaker give it life by hearing it moan. By giving the stone life we can now talk about the man.  The speakers talks about the life of Jesus and the crowds he drew, but when he was nailed to the tree there were few.  We have the speaker really personalizing it when he feels it in his heart.

Next the speaker offers a prayer.  The dove is the Holy Spirit.  To understand lines 3 and 4 you really need to dig deep in to the writings of Paul. But I will try.  Jesus died as he did because as a human he had faith in the Father.  And it is our faith in Jesus’ faith that will get us to the Father.  I’m not a biblical scholar so if I have it wrong please forgive me. Finally, the speakers asks  Mother Mary for forgiveness.  Don’t deprive us of her love and help us find the way to her Son.  I hope you enjoy the poem.  It was a heart warming experience for me.

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