Portrait of Nini Lopez, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz


Portrait of Nini Lopez, Robert A. Sieczkiewicz
Nini Lopez how my heart yearns for you.
At first glimpse on rue Cortot it was known,
On painting your tender face to be shown.
Flawless skin, soft as early morning dew.
What is before my brush would paint so true.
The stool which you sat did become your throne.
Years together again I am alone.
Shame on me as did not see your adieu.

Monsieur, soon my weaken heart you did take.
Your look was not always a painter’s glance.
Feeling your eyes upon me you did make,
An aching heart burning for your romance.
I am through with teary nights and heartbreak,
For all is lost, you did not take a chance.

Renoir painted this portrait of Nini in 1876.  During the period 1874 to 1879 Nini appeared in no less than fourteen of Renoir’s paintings.   For some strange reason a cruel nickname of Nini-Gueule-de-Raie, or ” Nini fish face” was given to her.  I don’t think that Renoir saw her that way.

In this painting Renoir is experimenting with light coming in from a window.  The shadow on the left side of her face only compounds the sadness the viewer feels for this young lady.  It is definitely a serious moment and what can be more serious than love.




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